Location - Where We Are

Forrest 3236 in the Otways
19 Grant Street
Forrest, 3236 VIC

Forrest is a cycling town about 2 hours from Melbourne.
Day trips are easily achievable, or why not make an overnight or weekend of it and come down explore the area on the roadie, Gravel, MTB or all three.

Forrest Accomodation
(single night bookings midweek are possible)

Clean Bike

Make sure your bike is clean (including cleats), adjustable (ie no stuck seat posts) and in good working order.

Wear Your Bike Clothing

Wear your bike nicks (as usual) preferably with the knee showing. For women a sports bra is preferred and tied back hair as video without your shirt on is best although not essential if that bothers you.

Remove Extra Accessories

It is preferable that all saddle bags/brackets/panniers etc removed as this might slow down the adjustment process.

Geometry Charts

Geometry Charts

If you know have a link to your current ride or are considering a new bike, email in advance any relevant geometry charts.

Other Bike Components?

Bring in all your other possible components you might be wondering if you should be using – ie spare saddles/stems

Bring Referral Letters / Medical Info

Bring any relevant information from other treating practitioners, referral letters or relevant imaging findings. Better still - email them to Emma in advance of your appointment.

Appointment Duration

Allow about 2.5 to 3 hours.
More for more than one bike

Costs / Fee

The cost is $505 plus extra bikes @$90
(if within the same appointment).
You can pay by credit card on the day.

Still Have Questions?

Contact Topbike Physio by email: